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Life is Hard. Wear a Helmet

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday Morning Coffee #43

Overall, the Holiday Inn Express in Goldsboro was kind of a dump.

How many times had the door to my room been kicked in? Two times? Three times?
After the last time, I guess they forgot to put back the piece of the safety latch that goes on the door. Maybe they just got tired of replacing it every time they had to kick the door down for a drug bust or whatever.

There's a Holiday Inn Express about 20 minutes down the road in Kinston that's much nicer.

But in Goldsboro, when I was outside smoking, I could hear the 15's taking off from Seymour Johnson. That was nice.

All four of the people who actually read my blog have probably seen every video this guy has ever done.

Just in case you wandered over on a bad link from the Country Quilting Forum, you can see the rest of his stuff on his YouTube Channel. Well worth a visit.

Last night on The Couch Chronicles:

Miss B - dramatic Ninja pose  I'm gonna kick all your asses! I'm a Ninja!

Mrs B - Turning the TV down  Did she say we're all assholes?

MSgt B - I think it was something about an ass-licking Ninja. Maybe there's one in the house. Can I shoot it?

Miss B - No! I said kicking. I'm gonna kick all your asses, 'cause I' Ninja pose..The AssNinja!

Mrs B - *giggle*

MSgt B - *snerk*snort*

Miss B - Wait...that didn't come out right. I get a do-over.

               Dad! That better not show up on your blog!

Inappropriate humor in 3...2...


Bob said...

Went through Goldsboro on a trip to and from the NC coast once; on the way back we saw how the Goldsboro PD organized their speed trap along US70: cops afoot hiding behind hedges with radar and radio, clocking cars and passing the info to their brothers up the road in the cruisers.

Don't know why they'd even bother kicking the hotel doors in, if they're on a legit bust; just get the desk clerk to open the door, and if the bar is on, cut it with bolt cutters (the bar isn't hardened in any sense of the word). Hell, we keep a set of bolt cutters in the maintenance shop for just that purpose at the hotel I work at.

RabidAlien said...

Love that video! Gonna link it on my blog! That last picture, though....dood....we need to talk.

Paxford said...

@ssNinja! Classic! :)


Old NFO said...

Video is good, daughter comment is HILARIOUS!!! :-)

Wandering neurons (azmrmacs) said...

So your daughter is a life-saving ninja: she knows the hiney-lick (Heimlich) maneuver! Congrats.
I'm sure you'll pay for the posting later, though.

Stretch said...

Hotel in Fairborn, OH allowed me to watch C-5s climbing out of Wright-Patterson.

MSgt B said...

Bob - Don't know why they did it like that. It not being replaced just shows the level of service and care at the hotel. A lock on a room didn't have any priority?

RabidAlien - FXHummel1 does some great music. His videos are always fun to watch.

PAx - Hey! Thanks for dropping by.

Old NFO - I'm sooo going to get in trouble for that.

MrMacs - You bet I will...

Stretch - Long time no see. I try to get a place near any bases I find on my travels. I feel more comfortable with GI's around. (Except maybe squids)