Life is Hard. Wear a Helmet.

Life is Hard. Wear a Helmet

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Morning Coffee #42

Home for a day. The coffee is good.

This living in hotels crap is the pits, and it seems you can't get a cup of decent hotel coffee anywhere anymore.
If you catch them bringing a fresh thermos-pot out, you can get a cup that's almost drinkable. Otherwise, you're getting coffee from a pot that could be 12 hours old. It's still warm and brown at least, but that's where the resemblance ends. There's lots of warm brown things I don't want to be drinking at 6am, that coffee is just one of them.

I'm going to have to put together some kind of rig with a coffee press or something that I can pack and carry around with me. Any suggestions? I wonder what Old NFO does?
Who am I kidding? He's an old Navy guy, he probably just throws a pinch of salt in it and counts his blessings.

I've been absolutely entranced by John McAfee's BLOG. (Yeah, that guy...McAfee Antivirus.)

He's been living the life of Riley down in Belize for some time now, only he's gotten himself on the wrong side of the law down there.
(It's Belize...I use the term "Law" in the loosest interpretation possible.)

So he's being charged with all kinds of good stuff...murder, mayhem, running a drug lab, etc., etc.. and he's gone on the run down there, and he's been blogging the whole time. I know it can't go on much longer. Belize just isn't that big of a country, someone is going to roll over on him for the money eventually.

I'm still trying to decide if he's being unfairly persecuted because he's the rich white guy who wasn't handy with the baksheesh, or if he's just gone completely nucking futs...

I'm beginning to lean a little towards "nucking futs" at this point.

You decide.

PS - I can't be the only person who reads his blog and thinks "Wow. Could this be Andy in 20 years?"

Inappropriate humor in 3...2....


eiaftinfo said...

Coffee Press - might look at this one:

Good coffee is a requirement on a backpack/canoe trip. This is pretty close to the one I pack along. See what you think.


Coffeypot said...

See if you can find a motel with a coffee maker in the room. But take your own individual coffee packets. Otherwise stop off at a QT or Racetrack. Their coffee will lube an engine.

Old NFO said...

I just double brew the crap in the room and call it good... sigh...

Broken Andy said...

Get a coffee press and haul around your own grounds. Kind of a hassle, but good coffee can make the difference between a good day and shit just going sideways.

azmrmacs said...

Take a french press to make coffee on the road. All you need is hot water and the grounds. No percolating, no machines, etc. Very simple, only one moving part.
Be safe on the road..

MSgt B said...

EastIA - Thanks for the link Bill.

Coffey - We've got Sheetz and WaWa up here. The WaWa coffee is better.

Old NFO - Ha Ha. I knew it was something like that.

Andy - Tell me about it... So, you going to help out your friend McAffee, or what?

MrMacs - Now I just need to stop traveling long enough to find one.