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Life is Hard. Wear a Helmet

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hump Day Rule 5 - Anne Hathaway

I did not, repeat did not, go hunting the interwebs for that picture of her accidentaly flashing her vajayjay.

I swear.


Coffeypot said...

I see that anon asshole found you, too. She is almost too beautiful, but I think her eyes are too large, like an Ostrich, bigger than her brain. And yes, I am too old. I did notice her eyes, too.

russell.j.coller.jr said...

"accidentally..." so funny when the soon-to-be released Art House film is on thin ice with the critics: 1) slap a room-service dude. 2) hang out in a trendy watering-hole bathroom with Lindsay Lohan just a "little" too long. 3) oops, forgot panties, but did NOT forget to groom that thing.
And By The Way, she is groomed and she is SPECTACULAR.

Anonymous said...

As plenty of people have said on other sites, if you don't want to 'accidently' flash that, you should have put your panties on in the first place. Not that I mind, understand.

MSgt B said...

Coffey - Wow. You're right, she does have eyes. Thanks for pointing that out.

Russell - LOL Yeah, it was purely by accident.

Anon - One of those "Mom's advice" things that no one listens to.

Jess said...

Since you linked my post, I've been hit with a bunch of people who I'm thinking were hoping to get a free crotch shot of Anne Hathaway.

I have to apologize, there is no crotch shot, or any uncensored photos to be found at the link on my post. However, a little Googling and some time will reveal what seems to be a popular but disappointing photo. (don't ask)

Old NFO said...

Yep, beuatiful girl, but smarts??? Questionable...

MSgt B said...

Jess - LOL I couldn't resist. I just wanted to see how many would hit that link.

Old NFO - With looks like that, I think I would prefer her to be a bag of hammers intelligence-wise.