Life is Hard. Wear a Helmet.

Life is Hard. Wear a Helmet

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That every Citizen has a right to bear arms in defense of himself and the State.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Morning

The Meme: "The most scared I've been on the road"

Nancy, JayG, and CTone have rolled out their stories over the last few days.

I really wanted to jump on this one. I've been diggin around in what's left in this old brain, trying to find a suitable story to tell, and I'm coming up empty.
That's not to say I've never been scared behind the wheel. I think the memory just sits differently in the mind of an old adrenaline junky. I don't remember the fear, I only remember the euphoria. (Don't let LabRat hear about that shit. I'll end up analyzed publicly and compared to a poo-flinging monkey or something.)

As I mentioned earlier, the 350Z has been hauled out and cleaned up (somewhat) for the season. Yesterday was the first good run-out she's had. We had to haul a load of garbage to the dump, and then get the Titan dropped off at the shop before noon, so I followed the old lady up into Stafford and back downtown to Pohanka. Once she was in the passenger seat, we headed into the center of town so I could be raped buy a new blender.
I was taking the looooong way around to get where we were going. The top was down and it was about 74 degrees outside with the sun shining. I was in no hurry to get anyplace in particular, simply enjoying the drive. Within the first five or ten minutes she starts into me about how I'm driving wildly, too fast, etc..


I'm seriously curious now. No fucking around. I had been driving quite sedately. So we discussed it for a little while.
She sticks almost exclusively to driving the crew-cab Titan, and the sudden change-over had really freaked her out. She went from sitting about three feet off the ground surrounded by steel and glass, to sitting about eight inches off the ground sorrounded by fresh air. I was obeying all the laws, down to signalling every lane change, the whole nine yards, but the Z just feels faster. Add to that the fact that just about any other traffic on the road is looking down at you, and I guess it can be a bit frightening.

Of course, once we had talked things out, and the old lady was calming down, that's when the jerk-off next to me decided he was going to change lanes to the right...right into the space occupied by our Z.
This has happened to me so often in the Z that I've become rather blase about it. My Baby fits right into everyone's blind spot like a hand in a glove. Full-size pickups are the worst culprits. (That's not to say I hold a grudge against people who drive them. We own one, and my work vehicle I drive daily is an F-150, just to point out that I've seen the issue from both sides.) When did those little parabolic mirrors go out of fashion?
If I have the time and space (which I did on this occasion) I simply drift to the right, keeping my car about a foot away from the perpetrator as I goose it up a little and "magically appear" next the driver's right front fender.
The results are predictable. The driver suddenly notices there is a car already occupying the bit of road they want, and they snap the wheel over and jump back into their lane.

A little shot of adrenaline never hurt anyone...

Except maybe Mrs. B (aka: the old lady).
Don't worry folks, she felt much better after dropping $312 at the the kitschy little specialty shops downtown.

...and I felt much better after a smoothie made from strawberries, grapes, orange juice and vanilla ice cream.

So, Andy says he's good to go for the weekend of the 28th, or maybe a Friday afternoon?
Anyone else?

Oh yeah, the yard work?  Never got to it...


Broken Andy said...

We need about 10,000 of those signs in NoVA.

Coffeypot said...

I think taking a second to lean forward a little to check the blind spot in the mirror would save a lot of adrenalin rushes. That or adjust you mirrors correctly.

MSgt B said...

Andy - Amen.

Coffey - Waaaay back when I learned to drive, they taught me to do a quick look back over my shoulder after I had checked my mirrors. I'm thinking they don't teach that anymore...

CTone said...

I was taught to mirror check, and it's saved me a few accidents.